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Quick Tips for Livening Up an Adult's Birthday Party

When you're planning a birthday party for a child, it may be easy to add some fun and personality to the occasion; you can arrange for pony rides at the house, rent a bounce house or castle, or just take the kids to a pizza parlour for a fun afternoon. However, when you're planning an adult's party, it can be more challenging to make it fun and festive, without it becoming uncomfortable for other adults attending, and without it seeming downright silly. To liven up an adult's birthday party, note a few quick tips you might consider and that will make the party a day that everyone enjoys.

Candy buffet

A candy buffet is a long table of bulk candies that are set out in attractive dishes, with ladles and bowls for guests to help themselves. This is a great dessert idea that is also very attractive, and which can be the centrepiece of the venue. Opt for very colourful candies that add lots of visual interest, and mix up the glass containers you use to display them; you can also string colourful ribbon on the table or add stickers to the tablecloth for even more fun and whimsy. Some battery-operated candles can also create a nice glow off the glass dishes, and this is especially good to consider for evening parties.

Casino games

Adults may not want pony rides or carnival games, but they might enjoy some casino games! You can often rent slot machines, roulette wheels, and other such items for a casino theme for a party, and even hire card dealers or a magician to make the event more memorable. Give away small prizes for chips won throughout the night, and be sure to decorate with red and black accessories, for a true casino feeling.

Pop culture

Adding some pop culture highlights to your party can be a great way to make it fun and whimsical, but enjoyable for all the adults there. Choose a pop culture reference that the guest of honour loves, such as Star Wars or another movie franchise; encourage guests to dress up in corresponding costumes, or even just a t-shirt with a reference to the theme, to get everyone in the spirit. Hand out take-home prizes from this same theme, such as small toys or action figures. Be sure you opt for a larger gift for the guest of honour in the same theme, and encourage other attendees to do the same, to make the event coordinated while still being loads of fun for everyone.

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