Turning Fashion Into Art: Choosing the Prefect Clothing and Accessories

Things To Keep In Mind When Deciding On Corporate Uniforms

Deciding on corporate uniforms for your business is never an easy task, especially for those who aren't necessarily familiar with fashion and clothing. Many people spend their entire lives dedicated to the industry, and here you are, being asked to make a choice of the clothes that will represent your company. Not so easy when you look at it like that, is it? Luckily, there are some steps that even the most novice of fashion enthusiasts can use to help choose corporate uniforms that look smart and will last.

Darker Is Better

Light-coloured shirts might seem like they would be an inviting option to choose but you should avoid them if you aren't overly familiar with colour-matching schemes. Lighter shirts and pants display sweat, dirt, stains and even something as small as a speck of dust much more visibly. That is because these imperfections contrast against the lighter-toned colour. On the other hand, on dark colours, these imperfections are virtually hidden. Darker colours also look more reserved and formal, which is exactly the type of look you want in a corporate environment.

Decide On Formal Or Casual 

Even in the corporate world, there are two very different styles: formal and casual. Some industries expect to have virtually everyone in a suit or full button-up shirt with a tie at the very least. Others are more laissez-faire and only expect chinos, a smart dress shirt or a polo. Don't walk into a corporate uniforms supplier without having this decision already made up; otherwise, you will be overloaded with options from both sections. Casual wear is often recommended, as many industries have become more relaxed in general with regards to their uniforms, but you will know the ins and outs of your sector better.

Function Over Form

When it comes to corporate uniforms, you are looking for something that will last all day and still look good that can be washed and re-worn hundreds of times with minimal fading. This is not a black-tie event where every piece is custom made and has to be specially cleaned. Look for outfits that have simple care instructions and that can be cheaply repaired or replaced. No one expects you to be dressed to impress; what they want is to immediately recognise who works for your company. That doesn't require a huge budget, and you should instead focus the bulk of the money of your order on making those clothes as comfortable as possible. Happy employees mean a successful business!