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2 Popular Printing Options For Hi Vis Vests

When you're ordering Hi Vis vests for your company, you'll have a number of printing options to choose from when having your company details or logo applied to the vests. Hi Vis vests can be customised in the same way any piece of workwear can be, but it's wise to consider the environment the vests will be exposed to when deciding on the style of printing you want to use when having them customised. For example, consider whether the vests are likely to get very dirty each day and whether your chosen print method can cope with repeated washing without fading. If the vests will be exposed to heat every day, you should opt for a heat-resistant print method that won't crack or peel. Read on to learn about two common print options for Hi Vis vests.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing involves having your chosen design printed on a transfer paper that is then placed directly onto the vest. Heat and pressure are applied and this causes the transfer paper to convert into a gas and the sublimation ink used on the paper becomes a permanent part of the vest material. Sublimation printing works well for transferring colourful images, and as the ink penetrates the fibres of the vest, the end result is a fade-resistant design that copes well with exposure to the elements.

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing involves the use of solvent-based inks, and these inks are used to create your design on vinyl material, which is then cut into the required shape to allow only the design to be transferred onto your vests. A heat press is used to transfer the design, and the end result is highly-durable and flexible enough not to impede your range of movement when wearing a vest with this type of printing on it.

Vinyl printing is often more budget-friendly when compared to sublimation printing, but vinyl can crack if it's washed over and over again. This means vinyl printing may be best suited for Hi Vis vests that tend to be worn indoors and aren't going to get excessively dirty. On the other hand, if you expect to have to replace your vests often, potential cracking may not be a concern, and using vinyl printing will allow you to keep your costs down.

If you're unsure what the best method of printing is for your needs, discuss your design, budget, quantity needed and usage of your Hi Vis vests with your chosen garment printing company. Keep these tips in mind when looking for printed Hi Vis vests from a local service.