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3 Types of Jackets Every Woman Should Own

Australia may be characterised by temperate climatic conditions for a majority of the year, but the weather elements can quickly become inclement at any given moment. Therefore, it is judicious for every woman to own a jacket for chilly weather. However, considering how the cold can vary from being mild to severe, it is also essential that you have different kinds of jackets to suit the prevailing weather. So how do you know which pieces to invest in that will remain evergreen rather than just sitting in your closet unused? Below is a list of three types of jackets that every woman should own.

1. The edgy leather jacket

Gone are the days when a leather jacket was exclusively associated with biker chics. If you want to add some edginess to your casual outfit, a leather jacket will be the right piece to add to your wardrobe. Leather jackets remain a classic trend because they are effortlessly stylish. Whether you are running errands or going out with your girlfriends, this type of jacket will elevate your outfit. If you are looking to add a pop of colour to your closet, you can steer clear of standard black leather jackets and instead opt for burgundy, brown or even a white leather jacket! Furthermore, leather jackets are available in various styles including belted, buttoned and zipped, so they are correspondent to any body shape.

2. The classic trench coat

Trench coats are one of the statement pieces of clothing that you should own because they never go out of style. When the weather turns crisp during the fall, you can keep warm with a trench coat. Alternatively, when the winter breezes become a daily occurrence, your trench ensures you remain stylish in the chill. When purchasing a trench, make sure you lean toward those that are waterproof since this makes them wearable even during the rainy season. To complement the trench coats, match it with a pair of boots that will tie in the entire outfit.

3. The flirty denim jacket

Some people may think that denim jackets are only suited to the younger generation who are typically in casual wear, but this is inaccurate. Denim jackets should be a closet staple just as much as jeans are because of their versatility and unparalleled comfort! Firstly, a denim jacket can be matched with any outfit. Whether you prefer wearing pants or love dresses, a denim jacket adds a complementary layer to your ensemble. Moreover, denim jackets are available in a vast range of stylish options including cropped, acid washed, sleeveless and so on!

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